Thursday, April 18, 2013

Veiled Updo Tutorial - Once Wed

1. Prep your hair with a big loose curl and some hairspray to give it body and texture.
2. Section your hair into three parts: two "wings" in the front (imagine you're wearing a headband - the hair in front of the headband should go into the wings and the hair that would be behind the headband should go into the ponytail) and then pull the rest into a low ponytail.
3. Do a topsy-tail.
4. Do another topsy-tail in the same place but this time only pull it halfway though.
5. Pin the halved ponytail out slightly wider than it would fall naturally.
6. Pin any extra length of hair back up onto the front roll of hair.
7. Using a deep side part, pin the two front sections of hair into waves that meet at the top of the roll of hair in the back. Secure temporarily with bobby pins and spray with plenty of hair spray as shown in the final picture. When the hair spray is dry gently remove the bobby pins from the front and sides and the waves will stay right where you put them.

hair + makeup: Amanda Paige / photos: Rylee Hitchner / styling: Joy Thigpen